photo of Nancy Hill

When done right, PR can be the most valuable marketing tool a company has.

Businesses today run at a frenetic pace. Competition is fierce, and budgets are tight. Oftentimes, communications strategies are decided on the fly without much forethought about possible unintended – and undesirable – outcomes. And as PR becomes more of a social phenomenon, with blogs, podcasts and the Twitter-ati part of the equation, attention to all the details is critical.

With so many options available for getting the message out, it can be a dizzying dilemma for businesses to determine which route – or routes – to take, and what activities to spend money on (or not). Furthermore, the best laid-out plan is meaningless if execution is poor.

Nancy MacGregor Hill has been providing technology companies in Silicon Valley and beyond with focused, results-oriented PR counsel and services since 1998. She has landed her clients in print, broadcast and online outlets like CNBC, Associate Press, New York Times, Wired News, Popular Science, Entrepreneur, Network World, EE Times and many more.

Nancy is energetic and creative, and her business trademarks are a thoughtful approach and pleasant demeanor coupled with diligence, perseverance and efficiency. If you would like to discuss your communications needs with her, contact her now.